Apocalyptic Apes

How Do I Remove the Background from My NFT?

Every Apocalyptic Ape comes with some kind of background, it could be a solid color or a gradient. Many community members have requested transparent PNG files of their apes, and while it is very doable, it just can be a bit time consuming.

Below are some sites that other community members have used and gotten great results:

  • https://www.fococlipping.com/

    • Easy to use, just upload and the smart background remover does a great job.

    • Be sure to select the PNG option to download a high resolution image.

    • Once you have the PNG, you can upload it in the Apocalyptic Apes Merch Store to get your merch.

  • Photoshop

    • This is one of the best options to use if you're familiar with the software and want the highest resolution image and print quality.

    • Please also scale up the image proportionally to 300 dpi.

    • Save a copy as a PNG and you're all set to make your own custom merch.

  • Free Photoshop Alternative - Photopea

    • It's basically identical to Photoshop and it runs in the browser