Apocalyptic Apes

Custom Merch for Other NFT Projects

Most of our wallets are filled with a diverse collection of NFTs, we get that. Those projects may not have released merch (yet) or you like to get creative and put your own spin on your collectibles.

Derek the "Merch Guy" that handles the AA Merch Store is also the owner of Not Zero Yet Apparel. Soon there will be many custom NFT merch options available in the NZY store.

  • Apocalyptic Apes community members will receive 20% off on all purchases.

    • Please use coupon code AAPES.

    • You can also become a Brand Ambassador.

      • Brand Ambassadors get paid 10% commission on all referral sales.

      • You can also offer 10% off to your audience.

Not Zero Yet Apparel accepts cryptocurrency payments through Coinbase Commerce.